Today, companies, groups and brands are using personality across the whole organisation: from front office, to back office; from the reception to the boardroom; from B2B organisations to public facing. And that extends across all aspects of a brand from the logo type to the photography. A brand, after all, is the very essence of a business – it’s personality and character – visual or otherwise. And having professional business portrait photography always helps to communicate that personality.
And that’s where we come in.
Portraits are portraits, corporate or otherwise
Creating business headshots or corporate portraits is a central part of what we do here at the studio. In fact, for us, it’s not really any different to any other type of portrait except for the addition of formal work attire, although even that isn’t necessarily required if your office dress code is informal! Many of our images now feature across the web, in company literature, in the press and on the covers of numerous magazines. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, nope, we never stop being proud when we see our images on magazine covers or on the BBC iPlayer!
Formal or informal?
So what should you wear for a business portrait? Well, that is entirely up to you and the kind of image you’re hoping to portray. Some companies are very formal, others are completely informal. Either way, we can create headshots that suit. We always recommend bringing a couple of outfits, maybe a suit or two, maybe trousers and a blouse or jeans and a shirt (with and without a jacket). Whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever shows the kind of styling you’d like to be associated with.


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